Reaching Your Mission

Reaching Your Mission

Nehemiah 3:1-32

Knowing that God has given me a mission in life is encouraging.
Finding out what mission God has given is exhilarating.
Stepping up to follow that mission is difficult, but is also pretty exciting.

Accomplishing that mission is even more difficult!

In the same way that Jerusalem was Nehemiah’s mission, my mission is Trinity Baptist Church. I love you in ways that I only thought were literal in the Bible. In the same way that Nehemiah fought to inspire the Israelites to stand up and build a wall, I fight to inspire you to build this church.

Last week we saw Nehemiah inspire the Israelites in an amazing way.
This week we will see how the Israelites actually respond to Nehemiah’s challenge.
Nehemiah 3:1-32
The Israelites in Jerusalem step up!
Nehemiah’s speech shows how Nehemiah leads – inspirationally

Jerusalem believes in themselves! They have chosen to act upon Nehemiah’s leadership and their action leads to true change for their community and for themselves.

Nehemiah shows faith in his followers!

God shows faith in His followers! The salvation of the world was placed on 11 blue-collar workers.

You are here this morning simply because people exactly like you in the past stood up to work and do things that they weren’t actually capable of.
You have been called to do things you aren’t capable of. You have been called to lead people to become disciples of Christ.
We are here to help you understand your mission.
We are here to help you accomplish your mission.
What is something specific you can begin to do this week to begin reaching your mission?